Our Team

To deliver the most personalised training experience our team needs to be relatable and able to connect with you as individuals.  Our team is both diverse in skills and qualifications as well as life and exercise experience. We pride ourselves on only hiring the best trainers to make sure we maintain the highest possible quality no matter who you are seeing.

Our expert team of coaches undertake on-going training so they can give you the best solution to your needs. They’ll discuss your personal situation and any problems or any concerns you might have. Then they’ll tailor a specific program which helps you reach your goals and improves your physical performance while lowering your chance of pain or significant injury.

Photo of Regan Zampogna

Regan Zampogna

Founder / Movement Specialist
Photo of Andrew Bayliss-White

Andrew Bayliss-White

Exercise Scientist / Movement Coach
Photo of Bree Zampogna

Bree Zampogna

Mindset Coach
Photo of Kelsie Vickery

Kelsie Vickery

Movement Coach
Photo of Sally Gallagher

Sally Gallagher

Movement Coach
Photo of Danny Tahmzais

Danny Tahmzais

Movement Coach