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Benefits Of Training With CORE FOUNDATIONS

Build A Super Resilient Body Which Never Breaks Down

We’ll give you specific steps to improve your core strength and durability and help you eliminate bad habits which contribute to debilitating injuries and pain

6 Simple And Easy To Follow Steps To Correct Poor Posture

By following these 6 straight forward steps you’ll never have to worry about bad posture or the aches, pains and long term health problems it can bring

Dramatically Increase Your Strength, Stamina And Endurance

You won’t believe the difference our functional training will have across a wide range of areas – you’ll be stronger, fitter and move more freely than ever!

Continue Playing Your Favourite Sport For Years Longer

Afraid you’ll have to give up the sport you love because of injury or pain? We’ve helped dozens continue their passion and we can do the same for you

Why Mainstream Training Strategies Aren’t Working For You

The market is full of training regimes which focus on the wrong goals and teach unnatural movements which risk serious injury and chronic pain


Discover How To Improve Your Posture And Movement So You Enjoy Greater Longevity, Less Pain And Feel Years Younger
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  • At Core Foundations Regan honed in quickly on the weak areas in my mobility. The outcome: less pain when I run in the areas of my legs that were weak and spoiling my runs. And improved turning in my golf swing. Having been active with exercise and sport all my life I am impressed with the many simple modifications to well-known exercises that have a hugely positive effect on my body. I recommend anybody that doesn’t move as well as they would like to, or should, to give Core Foundations a go. You won’t be sorry.

    Gary S

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