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is in the business of helping people move better.

We constantly explore, develop and implement new techniques and ways of training and are often talking about “is there a better way?”  Recognising that what each person needs from their training is highly individualised, we use our wide specialist knowledge to develop the solution that will give the best outcomes for our clients. Our clients tell us that this focus on personalised training is what gets the results, keeps it fun and why they come back for more. What CORE FOUNDATIONS does is for everybody and we are proud of our diverse client base ranging in age from 11 to 86. So, why CORE FOUNDATIONS? Because movement matters.

CORE Services

At CORE FOUNDATIONS we emphasise movement instead of exercise.  It is about movement for life. We believe that no matter what your age or lifestyle we can all move better.  We draw from many innovative and specialist training styles and provide access to complementary services to get you moving optimally and find pleasure in exercise.  So, whether you are looking to get fitter, faster and stronger, solve a movement challenge or dysfunction or just continue doing the activities you love we will create the best solution for you.

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