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Kid in a Candy Store Part 2 – Where Steak & Animal Flow Collide….Day 2 of FILEX complete and what an enjoyable day it was, albeit a very long one.I was fortunate enough to catch up with the ANIMAL FLOW crew for dinner last night and it was great to get to know them better over some steak and chips.The whole idea of attending events like FILEX is to challenge your beliefs, learn something new from the best In the biz and realise your potential.ANIMAL FLOW is such a huge part of the the CFPT training regiment and what better way to spend an evening than with the owner and creator himself @mikefitch I believe that if you learn from the best it takes you a lot closer to being your best.Enjoy the video guys!CFPT"WHERE MOVEMENT MATTERS"

Posted by CORE FOUNDATIONS Personal Training on Friday, 29 April 2016
Mike Fitch – Animal Flow Creator

Kid in a Candy Store!Day 1 of FILEX done & dusted and what an amazing experience I was able to have.Dr Perry Nickelson from STOP CHASING PAIN presented his Primal Movement Chains course to a lucky few, and boy was it cool.Perry is one of the foremost voices globally when it comes to movement and testing the body.Needless to say it was nothing short of amazing and has helped me think more about how I approach and assess each client. I have taken away some great new ideas and techniques which you will all see in the coming weeks once I have come to grips with them.Today was amazing and inspiring being able to rub shoulders with people who you admire and respect who are widely acknowledged as the best in the biz. One can only imagine what the following days are going to bring.Stay tuned for further updates and fitness insights.Check out to check out some of his gems and hear him to talk about regaining your movement MOJO. CFPT"WHERE MOVEMENT MATTERS"

Posted by CORE FOUNDATIONS Personal Training on Thursday, 28 April 2016
Dr Perry Nicholson – Creator Stop Chasing Pain

Rebecca B

“Training the “CORE FOUNDATIONS” way is brilliant.”

Chris Y

“On meeting both Deanna and Regan, my health, mobility and pain levels have improved out of sight. I cannot recommend CORE FOUNDATIONS and Deanna and Regan highly enough.”

Gary S

“At Core Foundations Regan honed in quickly on the weak areas in my mobility. The outcome: less pain when I run in the areas of my legs that were weak and spoiling my runs. And improved turning in my golf swing with little or no stiffness the day after. Having been active with exercise and sport all my life I am impressed with the many simple modifications to well-known exercises that have a hugely positive effect on my body. The neurolymphatic activation of parts of the body is pretty special too. I recommend anybody that doesn’t move as well as they would like to, or should, to give Core Foundations a go. You won’t be sorry.”

Shane O

“Your programme, that you designed for me, has made such significant improvements not only to my fitness but also to my lifestyle and I’m delighted that I can continue with a fitness and diet programme that guarantee’s my top results.”

Justin B

“Regan at Core Foundations is the consummate professional who is passionate about helping people. It’s not about lifting heavy weights, running faster, puffing harder or straining yourself to feel like you’ve worked hard. Regan assesses your ability to perform natural movement and then engineers targeted training schedules to reach your goals. He has helped me feel more stable and confident in my movement when lifting the kids or out on the water kite boarding. Thanks Regan!”

Bob H

“Highly motivated and professional approach while taking care to nurture as well as test client’s ability to be challenged.  Regan has an inclusive and accommodating approach to his clients and his positive input is of great assistance. Highly recommend the man!”

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