What is it?

Your no-BS game plan for well-being, provided by the renowned health and fitness professional, Andy Lucas! With 15+ years of experience as a coach and a gut health expert, Andy has discovered that true, long-lasting results require a comprehensive functional approach. We go beyond diet and exercise, diving deep into your biochemistry analysing blood work, hormones, gut health, and stress levels, By uncovering potential deficiencies and issues, we help you overcome poor health, pain, and injuries. Andy's scientifically backed, integrated approach optimises your health and performance, unlocking your full potential and eliminating physical limitations. 

How does it work?

Andy’s comprehensive functional approach begins by focusing on the below three key pillars.


Fuel Your Body with Real Food

Everything we eat impacts how we feel, for better or worse. With today's busy lifestyles and numerous food options, we often gravitate towards fast, easy, and unhealthy choices. 

Unfortunately, we aren't taught what we should eat, nor are we taught the real significance or impact of what we put into our bodies. As a result, achieving goals such as weight loss, improved energy, injury healing, better sleep, and optimal mental health can be difficult.

Food is fuel for our bodies, but everyone is different. We come from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, which require an individual approach to ensure our bodies can perform at their best.


Make Your Food Work for You

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal pain, bloating, or gas that continually interferes with your day? Do you fear eating certain foods because you might have to run to the bathroom or pay for it later?

Unfortunately, suffering from various types of digestive stress is all too common, and people often don't find real answers. What many people don't understand is that everything we put into our bodies can impact not only our gut microbiome but also our body's ability to absorb and break down what we eat. 

Poor food choices can have serious unwanted repercussions, but the good news is that this can be resolved. A diverse and healthy gut microbiome is key.



Your Bloodwork Never Lies

Have you ever gone to the doctor feeling that something isn't right, only for them to tell you that your blood test results are fine, even though you still don't feel right?

Properly interpreting blood tests is much more complex than just looking at a few numbers. There are patterns and nuances that can explain symptoms and issues that cannot be found in a 15-minute consultation. Furthermore, "healthy" ranges are based on an unhealthy population and only reflect disease states, not optimal health. Therefore, they won't give you the answers you seek.

Our biochemistry is constantly evolving, and understanding what's really going on at a biochemical level is the key to unlocking the optimal health you desire.

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