Personalised Training

At CORE FOUNDATIONS we believe in Personalised Training. We constantly strive to find the most innovative and effective programs to tailor an individualised solution that works best for you. Everybody we meet is unique and has different training needs.  Our systems and processes are directed at understanding each individual and we use this information to […]

Personalised Group Training

Our personalised group training can be used to supplement our clients’ personalised training with us or their other sporting activities. Training is targeted at groups of 8 to 10 people with all participants having first undertaken a functional movement screen.  The intimate group and pre-requisite functional movement screen allows us to personalise the exercises within […]

Exercise Physiology

CORE FOUNDATIONS exercise physiologists provide you with the tools and empowerment to leave you feeling and moving better. Through the power of movement, an accredited exercise physiologist can help you rehabilitate your body and become more body aware with strategies and education.  Movement is also a powerful ‘drug’ when it comes to managing and beating […]

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