Regan Zampogna

Regan Zampogna

Director and Movement Specialist

“I explore the latest in training and movement techniques to give you the best outcomes”

My training philosophy is centred on moving well so you can move often.  Through really understanding the body and how it works I focus on the importance of high quality movement.

Having spent my youth playing Australian Rules Football, followed by a corporate career, I was left with a 34-year old body that was constantly breaking down.  Although I had invested in personal trainers my body still wasn’t responding as I envisaged and the dysfunction remained.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands which led to a career change.

My professional development has focused on understanding how nature intended our bodies to move.  I have been fortunate in training with and learning from some of the industry’s leading minds in the health and fitness space which has enabled me to develop a training strategy that is about training smarter not harder to extract optimal performance.  I am constantly exploring the latest in training and movement techniques to provide our clients with the best outcomes.

CORE FOUNDATIONS was an idea that was born in 2013 to share my passion and knowledge with anyone who is after training with a difference and truly wants to make a shift in their fitness and general wellbeing.

My objective is to provide an innovative, safe and fun environment for you to explore your movement potential.


  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • FMSC – Level 1 & 2
  • Animal Flow – Level 1
  • Be Activated – Level 1
  • Functional Patterns – Human Foundations Level 1
  • Primal Movement Chains (Stop Chasing Pain) – Level 1
  • KLT – Level 1
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