Andrew  Bayliss-White

Andrew Bayliss-White

Exercise Scientist and Movement Coach

“I enhance your physical preparation both for the rigours of life or the pursuit of athletic potential”

My training philosophy is that everyone should be able to move without pain and discomfort at their optimal capability both within their chosen sport and everyday life.

Coming from an athletic background playing several different sports, sport and competing was ingrained in my DNA from a young age.  Consequently, I have always sought best practices for physical preparation for the pursuit of athletic potential and the rigours of everyday life.  While completing my Bachelor degree I focused on unlocking athletic performance and general rehabilitative training.  Using this knowledge, I work with my clients to achieve their movement potential.

I create an environment that helps you to connect with your body and learn strategies to fulfil your movement potential.

My objective is to always leave you feeling better and more confident in your own ability.


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Fitter, faster, stronger for longer
Fit for life