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There’s never been a better time to work with us



It’s the most talked about topic of today. Every news article you see and every phone call with family. But what we are not talking about as much is your physical health.

We get it… You can’t go to the gym anymore and you’re not overly thrilled about online training. But the fact of the matter is this. If you aren’t getting at least 2-3 good quality training sessions in per week then your body is likely to become weaker and your everyday movement will become harder. That’s why we are moving our functional training method loved by hundreds of Bayside Locals completely ONLINE.

You might be thinking: “What is functional training? Functional training emphasises training in patterns aligned to the way humans have evolved to move. Standing, walking, running and throwing are all movements programmed deep in our DNA. The better balanced we are the better we move and perform. If you’re wanting to get back into your health & fitness while in lock down, so that you can feel younger for longer, or so you can continue to do the things you love, then our online or workouts at home personal training platform is for you.

Why Use Our Online Platform ?

  • Limited space required at home. If you can lie down we can work with you
  • Minimal equipment needed to get a dynamic workout
  • Over 17 years and 16000 sessions of combined experience throughout our team of four expert coaches
  • Workout in the safety and comfort of your own home
  • No need to worry about the weather
  • Attention to detail

You’ll feel years younger as you move through each day with greater energy and less pain, and will perform better at your preferred sport or exercise – whether you go for a morning run, love cycling or play that next round of golf.


Our personal training is highly individualised and emphasises movement before exercise. We use the results of your five point movement health check which will be completed during your first online consultation to highlight any areas of imbalance or restriction that may be present, because not only do we want our programs to support improvement, we require your training to be safe and not contribute to those existing restrictions.

We specialise in:

  • Postural Restoration
  • Injury Prevention
  • Exercise strategies to enhance movement quality
  • Functional strength training for everyday life
  • Improving Athletic Performance
  • Training For Older Adults

What we do is for everybody and can be adapted to suit individual needs regardless of age or lifestyle.

Be Empowered With The Knowledge Of Quality Movement So You Reap The Benefits Well After You Finish Your Session


Missing your training buddies while in self-isolation or lock down?

If this sounds like you then our online Small Group Personal Training is your opportunity to have as close as possible to a personal training experience, whilst being able to share the cost of the trainer, and serves as a bridge between traditional group settings and the full personal training experience. And best of all you get to have some virtual contact with your friends, while getting healthier at the same time. Groups are small and intimate with no more than 4 people attending a live ZOOM session at any given time. This allows us to deliver a first-class training experience even in a group environment. Sessions are designed for a group of friends or family members who want to train together, or for clients at a similar fitness level, that CORE FOUNDATIONS can group together to ensure maximum quality and fun.

You get an individualised program designed by one of our expert trainers and sessions can be varied and modified based on each of the individual’s abilities.

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