Online Group Training


From The Safety & Comfort Of Your Own Home

Why Choose Us?

  • 27 Sessions per week
  • Every session performed live
  • 6 different class types to choose from
  • UNLIMITED Monthly subscriptions available
  • Little or no equipment required
  • Limited space needed
  • Workout in the comfort and safety of your own home
  • Highly experienced coaches


We are excited to launch Bayside’s premier online group class training platform. Our programs are designed to help you to reconnect with your body while being exposed to unique, fun and challenging training styles designed to get you fitter, faster and stronger while keeping you safe and injury free.

Our Online Group Classes can accommodate up to 100 participants per class, and unlike most offerings all our sessions are performed live every time with a highly qualified professional coach. No matter whether you are a first timer or seasoned gym goer our online classes can cater for anyone.

6 Amazing Class Types To Choose From

Mobility 101

Say goodbye to tightness and hour long massage appointments forever

In our mobility 101 classes we introduce you to the sneaky little system that could be holding you back. So what is this elusive little system that we are referring too? Well it’s your fascial system. Fascia or connective tissue is really what defines our body’s shape and the ability for it to move. Day to day activities can be seriously compromised if this system is neglected. These sessions are designed to help you learn the safest and most effective ways to remove muscle and joint soreness, improve flexibility and range of motion. This session is the starting point and is critical for anyone wanting to improve the way they move.

Please note: To get the most out of this class it is recommended that you bring at least one of the following devices as a bare minimum.

Foam roller, Lacrosse or tennis ball.

Core & Posture

Is gravity getting the better of you?

Well did you know that with a strong core and quality posture you too can start to fight back. This class will lay the foundation and help you develop a strong and durable body which will reduce your risk of frustrating injuries and breakdowns. Our Core and Posture Classes are designed to strengthen the muscles that keep you in optimal alignment whilst assisting you to function better.

Functional Performance Body Weight Circuit

Functional training should emphasise training in patterns aligned to the way humans have evolved to move.

Think Standing, walking, running and throwing. All of these movements are programmed deep in our DNA. The better balanced we are the better we move and perform. The principles used throughout this circuit will enable you to do the things you love in life for longer. Whether that’s spending more time playing with your kids, enjoying that round of golf or simply sitting at your desk for longer periods of time without the pain or discomfort. This full body session is designed to get your heart pumping while challenging you to move dynamically in all directions

Resistance Band Core Workout

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you’re probably not using.

With this simple and effective piece of equipment there are endless possibilities to supercharge your workouts. In this class we will introduce you to powerful exercises that are designed to improve the key movement patterns that humans have evolved to use most. Think Standing, walking, running and throwing just to name a few.

Functional Resistance Based Strength

Dive into the Functional Patterns training philosophy with these amazing full body strength classes

Learn some amazing cutting edge training techniques developed by Functional Patterns. These classes will be a step up from the Functional Circuit and will not be suitable for beginners to our system. You will be introduced to dynamic multi-planar full body movements that will not only enhance functional performance and improve your movement quality, but will continue to assist you in building a strong, stable bullet proof body that never breaks down.

Please note: To complete this class you will at least need a KB or DB that is not too heavy as the moves are very dynamic. Ideally weights should be between 2-10KGS.

Prime Your Mind

You become what you think

Our friends at the B Extraordinary group will be dropping by each week to deliver sessions designed to have you thinking better and developing strategies to extract the best out of yourself. These sessions will be relevant to everyone, from a highschool student to the CEO of a company.

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