Group Training

Not Improving After Years Of exercise?


Our programs are designed to help you to reconnect with your body while being exposed to unique, fun and challenging training styles designed to get you fitter, faster and stronger while keeping you safe and injury free.

Our Groups can accommodate up to 10 participants per class, and unlike most offerings we prefer to keep the numbers smaller to ensure the best quality possible

Join a group session or enlist a group of friends and talk to us about designing a customised group session.

Mobility 101

Say goodbye to tightness and hour long massage appointments forever
Learn the key tools which are critical for anyone wanting to improve the way they move. These sessions are designed specifically to help you learn the safest and most effective ways to remove muscle and joint soreness, improve flexibility and joint range of motion and improve neuromuscular efficiency.

Core & Posture

Connecting the 3 pillars
Has your lifestyle, sporting history or even previous exercise selection left you with a poor posture, structural imbalances and muscles that have forgotten how to perform their base functions? We will help you realign, reset and improve your posture, build a bullet proof core so that you can move better and live a pain free life.

Functional Performance Circuit

Unique functional training that improves your athletic ability and allows you to do the things you love for longer
Are you wanting to move like never before? If you answered YES then this class is for you. Certainly not for the faint hearted this session is designed to get your blood pumping, so whether you are after that sporting edge or you simply want to move better and feel stronger, then look no further.

Functional Seniors

Why bayside baby boomers are loving this natural training method
Does your body not respond the way it used to? What would you say if we told you that you could reduce the discomfort you feel during everyday activities to achieve a better quality of life? “Tell him he’s dreamin” we hear you say. We use innovative training methods and our in-depth knowledge of the body and its natural motion to help you enjoy physical activity again.

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