What is Exercise Science?

Andrew Bayliss-White Photo of trainer Andrew Bayliss-White

At CORE FOUNDATIONS, we use exercise science to deliver to our clients a more personalised and targeted training experience.

What is exercise science?

Exercise science is the scientific study of human movement and metabolic activity in order to optimise human physical fitness and quality of life. It is a multidisciplinary approach encompassing functional human anatomy, metabolic and cardiac conditioning and biomechanics as well as basic exercise physiology and psychology.

With this advanced learning in the field of health and fitness an exercise scientist has the ability to work with a broader range of populations and has a more in-depth knowledge of the workings of the human body, and the positive implications exercise can have.

How does exercise science work?

Exercise scientists apply this foundational knowledge to assist and empower people to maximise their physical potential, whether that be regaining movement and physical capacity that one used to possess or optimising and improving movement and physical fitness to enhance performance in a sporting or everyday environment. Assessing and implementing physiological, biomechanical and metabolic strategies to provide a holistic approach to enhance physical condition can help do this.

 What qualifications are needed to apply/use it?

Exercise scientists have a minimum of a university degree in exercise science or similar. It requires at least 3 years of full-time study at a university that offers the appropriate degree. Within this time period, it allows for a thorough and in-depth look at anatomy and physiology, how this creates movement and how movement can be optimised in various situations through an extensive practical application. Exercise scientists like other fitness professionals also have to undertake ongoing continuing education to maintain their registration with their governing body. This ensures they continue to stay up to date with all the relevant science and trends in an ever-changing landscape.

How does Core Foundations use exercise science?

At CORE FOUNDATIONS we are looking to build a multi-faceted team by offering elite coaches with varying skill sets and the capability to work with a more diverse range of clients. Joining our CORE FOUNDATIONS team is Andrew, a coach who has been through this process and is a qualified exercise scientist. Having completed an Exercise and Sport Science Degree at Deakin University in June 2017, Andrew is a young and passionate coach with an athletic performance and injury prevention background and is excited to work with and apply his knowledge to the CORE FOUNDATIONS community. We see Andrew being a great asset in the local community when it comes to engaging with the local sporting teams, as this is a real area of focus for us in 2018. With injury rates on the rise and with local sporting clubs not having access to all the additional health and fitness staff that professional elite clubs have we feel that we can really help bridge the gap and provide a smart innovative service to ensure the local clubs continue to perform well and have reduced downtime with players succumbing to injury.

How do CORE FOUNDATIONS clients benefit?

When assessing what a client needs, a multifaceted approach is essential to fully understand what is going on in the body, and it is from this that the roadmap to recovery and optimising health and performance is built from. If there is an area that is potentially overlooked and ignored then only part of the picture is available and progress can only be achieved to a point but not beyond. At CORE FOUNDATIONS we have established what we call a foundation session in order to better understand the client’s requirements both physically and through assessing a range of other factors that may inhibit their ability to achieve their goals. We look at everything from stress to environment and beyond to ensure the client gets the most customised tailored solution we can offer them right from the start.

How can exercise science be added to a current training program?

We feel that this can add to anyone’s current program by adding another element that may have been overlooked previously. This can enhance anyone’s results and help in getting the extra 20% that they are not currently tapping into. Too often only physical requirements get assessed which can really disadvantage a client depending on their current circumstances, as there are so many factors that can potentially influence the success of each client on their fitness journey.

CORE FOUNDATIONS is also developing group training programs designed to enhance and support our clients current sporting pursuits to provide opportunities for those looking to enhance the training they do for their chosen sport.

Why is working with an exercise scientist different to working with a regular personal trainer?

Exercise scientists have a deeper knowledge of a wider variety of exercise modalities and assessment protocols and can help to cut through the ‘generic’ aspects of personal training that still exists. This helps to create a highly specific personalised exercise program for each client that can help target areas that are needed in order to maximise results in a reduced time frame.

By Andrew Bayliss-White

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