Functional Movement For Your Life

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What does moving well mean to you?

Is it about training better or simply being able to get you of your car without using the door for support? If you answered yes to the above, then a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) at CORE FOUNDATIONS is the first step on your fitness and movement journey.


Firstly I am sure you are asking, what is a Functional Movement Screen?

FMS is an advanced system that assesses an individual’s ability to move and documents the movement patterns that are essential for your body to function properly for not only fitness but everyday life.

CORE FOUNDATIONS trainers are certified to evaluate these patterns, identifying any limitations and imbalances you may not even know you have. These are issues that could reduce your ability to train effectively, impact your everyday movement and potentially lead to future injuries.

The FMS is designed to work on the weakest link strategy. The tests are not performance based and focus heavily on establishing movement competency first. Too often traditional assessments have a heavy focus on a client’s fitness level or strength whereas the FMS is there to challenge one’s mobility and stability, the foundation on which sound movement is built. Once established the end result will be an increase in overall training performance and better movement to support activities of daily living.

Your fitness journey at CORE FOUNDATIONS

At CORE FOUNDATIONS we take personal training beyond the norm and the FMS is step one on your fitness journey with us.

Upon arrival at your first session, you will be greeted by your trainer and start on a personalised journey of discovery. Your trainer will take you through a series of tests to understand how your body moves and evaluate your current position.

We take the time for you to work through these tests, stopping to offer advice and assistance and explanation along the way, all in a personalised environment that is safe and inviting.


The FMS generates a score out of 21, which is used to identify any areas of imbalance or dysfunction. The scoring system is directly linked to providing the most beneficial exercises for you and your score – primarily designed to help restore proper movement for your body, which in turn will lead to better training results.

We use this information in conjunction with your age, fitness levels, lifestyle, and environment to create a dynamic program. Not only will this improve your movement but will aid in understanding your body better. This will assist you getting the most out of your body on a daily basis.

Your personal score is recorded and tracked in your client file. Your progression is measured against this benchmark – allowing you to see real results from your training with us!

Training as a Partnership

Your fitness and movement journey with CORE FOUNDATIONS is based on a personalised program tailored to your needs, helping you to future-proof your body and allowing you to train at your peak level.

We appreciate that fitness is not always a linear journey so whilst we work with your base program derived from your initial FMS score, we will be flexible and adjust each session according to how you feel when you walk through our doors. We find this is the best way to ensure the highest quality during each session and leave you feeling better off than when you came in.

We believe in training as a partnership, allowing you to see and feel your progress during your time at CORE FOUNDATIONS.

By Regan Zampogna

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