Forever Young

Improve your Strength, Stamina, Balance and Resilience.

Your guide to successful aging.

Forever Young is a fun and engaging program that provides you with the tools to learn how to enhance your activities of daily living as well as learning strategies on how to improve movement and reduce your pain.

CORE FOUNDATIONS accredited Exercise Physiologist will provide you with these tools for success and empowerment.

Who is Forever Young for?

Forever Young is for all those people who say, “I used to be able to do that”.

Have you ever noticed you change the way you do things or completely avoid an activity because it is getting too much or it is painful?

Limited movement is not an everyday part of aging; you do not need to have those constant aches and pains.

 Of course, there are natural consequences of ageing, however implementing strategies like the Forever Young program, which is designed to keep you feeling forever young, will help create a foundation where you can continue doing the things you love to do. Not only does it build a more durable and resilient body it promotes  longevity. 

The program is for all men and women aged 55 plus, wanting to find enjoyment in their movement again. You will be coached by an accredited Exercise Physiologist who will tailor the program to your individual needs.

 CORE FOUNDATIONS create a training environment for your body to re-learn and re-connect through fun, challenging training programs all designed to have you moving better and feeling great.

How does Forever Young work?

Forever Young is a small group session that brings together people with similar goals and movement capability.  In order to place you in an appropriate group each client first participates in an individual consultation called the Foundation Session.  This initial session is designed to assess movement capability and to understand more about you as an individual and what you are looking for from your activity.  By assessing current movement levels we are then able to tailor the group session to suit each client’s specific areas of focus and provide a benchmark to measure progress against.

Each group session covers a range of exercises designed to support:

  • Becoming more in tune with your body
  • Improving range of movement in joints
  • Getting up from the floor more comfortably and confidently
  • Keeping hearts healthy
  • Improving strength and durability
  • Keeping up with the youngsters

Each Forever Young group consists of no more than 8 people who are matched via age, level of fitness and confidence. We do this to ensure the most comfortable and safe environment for our clients.

Each Forever Young session goes for 45 mins and consists of a variety of exercises covering the three main focus areas of ground to standing, strength and balance and unloaded movement.  Our programs are never one size fits all and each exercise can be adjusted to fit our clients’ particular needs.

You can expect a fun, engaging and challenging individualised exercises.

Follow up sessions and re-assessments measure progress and we continue to adapt your program aligned to your development.  

What are the benefits of Forever Young?

The benefits of a program like Forever Young are many and not limited to:

  • Exploring your mobility, stability, strength and confidence
  • Restoring and improving your strength to get up and down
  • Increasing whole body mobility and flexibility
  • Improving body weight strength
  • Improving coordination
  • Creating more robust bones and muscles to keep you moving better for longer
  • Improving circulation
  • Injecting a dose of the natural high that comes from exercising
  • It’s not your standard exercise group session. It is individualised and evidence based, we go deeper and look for new initiatives to target integrated health.

How will Forever Young assist you immediately and in the long term?

From your initial participation in the Forever Young program you will immediately:

  • Learn more about how your body moves and how can you can change it
  • Start moving differently
  • Surprise yourself at what you are capable of
  • Create a new social network

It won’t take long before you start to notice that you:

  • Can move more freely
  • Feel more confident in getting up and down
  • Feel your day to day activities getting easier
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Have boosted your mood and general feeling of wellbeing

And over time you will really notice how:

  • Much stronger and mobile you have become
  • How confident and stable you feel
  • Your balance and coordination has improved
  • Pain has lessened or have more tools to improve pain management

How does Core Foundations use it?

To bridge the gap between sickness and health.

To branch out into the wider community and implement change in the lives of men and woman wanting to understand their body and feel better through the power of movement.

How can you get the benefits of the Forever Young Program?

Participants must be able to walk up 16 steps, at your own pace, and commit to a program that will help you feel and move better.

You can either attend one of our FREE workshops to find out more and talk to some of our Forever Young clients.  Our next workshop is COMING SOON.

Or book a Foundation Session to discuss what you are looking for, plus assess your movement potential with a friendly team member from CORE FOUNDATIONS.


Making it more accessible

Talk to your GP today to see if you are eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care Plan. We are a Medicare provider which means you are able to use your private health fund. Your level of cover will determine the reduction in cost.



Challenging the mind, while training the body.

By Deanna Niceski