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ANIMAL FLOW COMES TO BLACK ROCKA huge thanks to the men, women, boys & girls from the Black Rock Life Saving Club who hosted us today.The session was all about teaching them some movement strategies to super charge their workouts and aid them in becoming even better at helping save lives during a hot Melbourne summer.It is always so nice to see people embracing different styles of training all the while having some fun learning how to move better.Here is a snippet from the action today.Enjoy… 🦀🦍🐆🦑CORE FOUNDATIONS“BECAUSE MOVEMENT MATTERS”

Posted by CORE FOUNDATIONS Personal Training on Friday, 19 January 2018

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow is an innovative fitness program that combines ground-based movement with elements from a variety of bodyweight disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout with an emphasis on full body multi-planar movement.


How does Animal Flow work?

Animal Flow incorporates a wide range of exercise and movement combinations that are grouped into 6 components; each designed to elicit different results. These components can be mixed and matched or used stand-alone depending on what your desired outcome is.

  1. Wrist Mobilisations – crucial for developing the best strength and mobility for the wrists to ensure you are capable of spending plenty of time on your hands.
  2. Activations – are static holds that help connect our body before we start our practice. The static holds are named beast and crab and also include limb lift variations.
  3. Form Specific Stretches – are full body stretches that start in an animal form and then move through a wide range of motion. These are designed to improve your mobility and flexibility throughout the entire body.
  4. Travelling Forms – These are the movements that directly mimic specific animal movements. We start with the ABC’s being the Ape, Beast and Crab. These are great for full body conditioning and help us reconnect the human animal inside us.
  5. Switches and Transitions – This is where the fun of the flow kicks in with movements created that help with connecting the various elements of Animal Flow together.
  6. Flow – This is where the true magic of Animal Flow comes together. The flow is where all the various elements of AF come together in a fluid sequence, seamlessly transferring energy from one move to the next. Flows can be choreographed and have endless possibilities to explore.

How can you benefit from Animal Flow?

This program is great for clients who want to learn how to move better and reconnect with their body in a non-traditional way. Too often we get caught up in exercises that often live in one plane of motion whereas Animal Flow helps you explore your body’s full capabilities. This can be great in creating a body that moves more fluidly with less compensation. It is a great way to improve your overall flexibility, strength speed and coordination.

The fun way to get fit!

Because there are so many moves to learn it keeps you guessing and learning new moves all the time. It is also a return to childhood by learning how to play again close to the ground. Often exercise can be a little arduous and monotonous so Animal Flow is a very refreshing change to the status quo.


Use Animal Flow to enhance your current training program

Animal Flow can be used as a stand-alone session or incorporated as a warm up or cool down. Due to the variety of moves, it can basically cater to anyone depending on the goal. And considering it can be done anywhere and at anytime as there is no requirement for equipment it is a very effective style to take away while you travel or have a holiday.


How does Core Foundations use Animal Flow?

We currently use it during our personal training sessions with clients and have it varied between full stand-alone sessions all the way through to using various elements that a client may need to take the next step in their training.


What are the benefits of Animal Flow?

No matter what your goals are Animal Flow can be used to improve flexibility, strength, speed, power and coordination and no matter what your fitness level can be added to suit almost everyone. It is a great addition to any current training program and will largely have you moving better which will lead to a more stable durable body.


Who is Animal Flow for?

From children to the elderly.

Core Foundations will assess each person wanting to participate prior to entering a session.


How do I start?

First session

We introduce the client to the 6 key components and run through the basics from all 6 components to ensure you are capable of moving to the next levels.

What routines do they start with?

Routines normally start with you learning all the basic activation, form specific stretches and transitions.

What does a complete routine look like?

Once a client has developed the adequate skills at all levels of all the components a more thorough exploration of the discipline kicks in with actual designed flows being added in.

By Regan Zampogna

Want to know more?

To find out more or book your Animal Flow session contact us today.



Animal Flow
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