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So, what is Small Group Personal Training at CORE FOUNDATIONS?

Small Group Personal Training at CORE FOUNDATIONS is your opportunity to have as close as possible to a personal training experience, whilst being able to share the cost of the coach. It is a bridge between traditional group settings and the full personal training experience. Small Group Personal Training is targeted at groups of only 4 people and will deliver a first-class training experience. Sessions are designed for a group of friends who want to train together, or for clients at a similar fitness level, that CORE FOUNDATIONS can group together ensure maximum quality and fun.

How will Small Group Personal Training work for you?

So how does this work for you? Any client with an interest to take part will ideally be partnered with others of a similar age and or fitness level. This will be determined following the first consultation process, a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to take part. Sessions are varied and modifiable based on each of the individual’s abilities. Clients can either be grouped with others or have the ability to bring a group of friends and create their own personalised group. All of our coaches are a qualified Personal Trainer or Exercise Physiologist, you will get personalised service and expert care. Not just a fitness instructor that takes classes in most large gyms and fitness chains.

At CORE FOUNDATIONS Small Group Personal Training is a cost-effective extension of our personal training experience, and designed for:

1. Current clients wanting to do more with us without the extra cost of added personal training sessions.

2. Clients wanting to add to their 1:1 personal training experience and be with a group of like-minded people. Or friends and family they can bring to create a personalised group for themselves.

3. Clients who want the personal experience, but may not be ready for the full personal training experience just yet, and prefer to train with other people.

4. An opportunity to encourage parents and children to train together, while providing them with another social outlet.

What are the benefits of Small Group Personal Training?

The benefits of Small Group Personal Training are many, from connecting with like-minded people in a meaningful way to having the benefit of a first–class coach at a fraction of the price. The experience at CORE FOUNDATIONS is a personalised experience and you will have the ability to have a challenging workout whatever your fitness level with plenty of variety. Our promise is to train you without the monotony of turning up to the same routine each week with little or no actual coaching for the individual needs. Training with friends can be very motivating and can help drive the competitive urge in people who may struggle in a personal environment. It is a great way for people to have another outlet to meet like-minded people all wanting to get healthy and feel better. Small Group Personal Training is a great way to help build a community of locals who want to improve their health and workout together. It can also create accountability for people who won’t want to let down the other participants in the group – it comes with built-in motivation!

What to expect from Small Group Personal Training at CORE FOUNDATIONS?

1. There is a minimum and a maximum number of people for all Small Group Personal Training sessions – the minimum is 2, the maximum is 4.

2. Clients can expect a dynamic challenging workout with a first-class fitness coach. Sessions will be professionally designed and can easily be modified depending on each person’s own ability. No two sessions will ever be the same and the client will be continually challenged on multiple levels throughout each session. All the while under the guidance and care of a fully qualified Personal Trainer or Exercise Physiologist.

3. How do CORE FOUNDATIONS make it personalised?
Any client wanting to participate in a Small Group Personal Training session is required to go through a thorough consultation process, its results and data will be used to ascertain which group to place a client within. Exercise regressions, progressions and special considerations will be taken into account at all times for all clients. We would prefer to group people together of a similar fitness level to ensure limited disruptions and flow to the sessions. Yet, if this is not possible we will tailor the sessions to be easily modified to ensure no one is left behind.

How is Small Group Personal Training different to a “generic” group session?

At CORE FOUNDATIONS, we will always assess people’s movement capabilities from the beginning to ensure we can put them in the right group, dependent upon what an individual is looking for. No client can enter into Small Group Personal Training unless they have participated in a one to one consultation with one of our expert coaches. Too often the one size fits all approach gets applied to group fitness and people are often being underworked or overworked as the exercises are pre-determined and are rarely modified correctly to suit the individual. Small Group Personal Training is a bridge between the current status quo of group fitness and the fully personal experience.

 What are the steps of Small Group Personal Training at CORE FOUNDATIONS?

1. Introduction :
Clients will be introduced to each other at the start of a session to ensure everyone knows each other’s names. From there we will outline the structure of the session in a quick succinct manner to ensure everyone feels comfortable with what they are about to get into.

2. How we match participants :
Participants will be largely matched on the following components like age, fitness levels, and data collected at their initial consultation.

3. How we make it personalised :
A client wanting to participate in Small Group Personal Training will still have to go through a thorough consultation process and that data will be taken into account when putting them into a group. Exercise regressions, progressions and special considerations will be taken into account at all times. We won’t put people into groups that may not be suited for them.

4. Session structure and progression :
Sessions will always be about progression and the ability to learn new tasks, skills, and moves each week. Individuals will never be given exercises they can’t do just to add more variety. It will always be about competence and skill development based on the individual’s current level at any given time. At CORE FOUNDATIONS, we want to ensure people can be challenged, without the fear of being embarrassed in a group setting or worse of all being injured due to something being too hard or advanced.

What are the immediate, short and long-term benefits of Small Group Personal Training?

1. Immediate :
It is a great way to get started and to help showcase the importance of a high quality-challenging workout without the full cost of the fully personalised experience.

2. Short term :
It’s a great motivator for participants to get them working towards their goals with like-minded individuals who can challenge and inspire them each week. It will also give them some time to sample a semi-personal experience which may help to make a more informed decision about what they actually want to do and achieve long-term.

3. Long-term :
Because of the shared cost and the varied and personalised approach, it will most likely lend itself to good adherence and long-term sustainability both financially and mentally for the client.

So why not try it today, get a group together or the CORE FOUNDATIONS team can match you up with some like-minded people, you may even make some new friends!

By Regan Zampogna



Small Group Personal Training

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