Personalised Training

At CORE FOUNDATIONS we believe in Personalised Training. We constantly strive to find the most innovative and effective programs to tailor an individualised solution that works best for you.

Everybody we meet is unique and has different training needs.  Our systems and processes are directed at understanding each individual and we use this information to create the solution that best suits their movement needs.

The first session with CORE FOUNDATIONS will always be a Foundation Session.

This is an important step in getting to know our clients and enables us to build a clear picture of what they want from training and how they move.  This information is the foundation from which we build the personalised training solution to address each individual’s needs and ensure that we structure our programs in a way that is safe and responsive to our clients’ specific movement challenges.

There are two key parts of the Foundation session:

  • Information gathering about lifestyle and environment; and a
  • Functional Movement Screen

Our personalised training is highly individualised and emphasises movement before exercise. We use the results of the functional movement screen to highlight any areas of imbalance or movement challenge. Not only do we want our programs to support improvement, we require your training to be safe and not contribute to those existing movement challenges. Our programs are inspired by many different training styles and methods and are designed to vary from session to session to drive results and keep it fun.

We specialise in:

  • Integrated strength training techniques
  • Exercise strategies to enhance movement quality
  • Functional strength training for everyday life
  • Improving posture and body awareness
  • Obeying the priorities of the body and moving the way nature intended

What we do is for everybody and can be adapted to suit individual movement needs regardless of age or lifestyle.


Small Group Personalised Training at CORE FOUNDATIONS is your opportunity to have as close as possible to a personalised training experience, whilst being able to share the cost of the coach. It is a bridge between traditional group settings and the full personalised training experience. Small Group Personalised Training is targeted at groups of 2 to 4 people and will deliver a first-class training experience. Sessions are designed for a group of friends who want to train together. Or for clients at a similar fitness level, that CORE FOUNDATIONS can group together ensure maximum quality and fun. It is also an opportunity for parents and children to exercise together.

Clients get an individualised program designed for them by one of our expert movement coaches.  Sessions are varied and modifiable based on each of the individual’s abilities. Clients can either be grouped with others or have the ability to bring a group of friends and create their own personalised group.


Be Activated is the science and art of getting your body to work the way it is meant to, and in doing so allowing it to break free from pain and dysfunction. From here your body can move into higher states of performance on all levels giving rise to massive shifts in strength, speed and flexibility.

Personalised Training
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