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At CORE FOUNDATIONS we emphasise movement instead of exercise.  It is about movement for life. We believe that regardless of age or lifestyle we can all move better. Everybody we meet is unique and has different movement needs ranging from getting fitter, faster and stronger for longer to enjoy the activities you love, solving a movement challenge or dysfunction through to remaining fit for all that comprises our everyday life. Our approach is all about personalised training.  Our systems and processes are directed at understanding each individual and we use this information to create the solution that best suits the movement needs. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality movement solutions for individuals which are designed to stay with you long after you have left the studio. We always want you to be performing at your optimum movement potential no matter where you are or what you are doing. We firmly believe knowledge is the key to success so we constantly strive to educate and empower on the importance of quality movement and being in touch with your body through the training experience.

CORE Values

Our values fundamentally represent the way we do things; they shape the way we work together and with our clients, how we behave and the culture and experiences we create for ourselves and others.  They define our CORE FOUNDATIONS.
  • We do it differently
  • We help you get results
  • We support and challenge
  • We make exercise fun
  • We are about lifestyle
  • We make a difference




CORE Mentors

To deliver personalised training and health support our team needs to be relatable and able to connect with you as individuals.  Our team is both diverse in skills and qualifications as well as life and exercise experience.

Regan Zampogna
Regan Zampogna
Director and Movement Specialist
Andrew  Bayliss-White
Andrew Bayliss-White
Exercise Scientist and Movement Coach


We can work with you to tailor a solution that best meets your needs.

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“Highly motivated and professional approach while taking care to nurture as well as test client’s ability to be challenged.  Regan has an inclusive and accommodating approach to his clients and his positive input is of great assistance. Highly recommend the man!”

Bob H Brighton 66

After 20 years of military service I had a few physical injuries and combined with late onset of food allergies I needed more than a conventional gym or private training sessions could offer. As for boot camps, I’d done plenty of those and didn’t need any more! What I found at Core Foundations was a team of highly skilled, friendly professionals who are working together to help me overcome some of my demons. Dee is my exercise physiologist who is helping me improve my movement patterns and capabilities while working with the limitations and pain I have. I find her to be an old soul in a young body with enormous empathy; she knows what I need and tailors each session to match. We usually have a few laughs as well given our sense of humour matches. Isobel has guided me through aspects of diet and nutrition, helping me understand how to better manage my allergies and ensure my body has everything it needs to heal. Kate the myotherapist might make me laugh, or cry, but is terrific at helping me recover more functional movement than I thought I’d ever get back. Regan is the guy who put this amazing team together, who understands how important it is to have a holistic view of a person and be able to work at issues from every angle. Together with my GP and other medicos the team at Core Foundations are helping me achieve a better level of lifestyle.

Ed M Beaumaris 59

“Regan at Core Foundations is the consummate professional who is passionate about helping people. It’s not about lifting heavy weights, running faster, puffing harder or straining yourself to feel like you’ve worked hard. Regan assesses your ability to perform natural movement and then engineers targeted training schedules to reach your goals. He has helped me feel more stable and confident in my movement when lifting the kids or out on the water kite boarding. Thanks Regan!”

Justin B Brighton 45

“Your programme, that you designed for me, has made such significant improvements not only to my fitness but also to my lifestyle and I’m delighted that I can continue with a fitness and diet programme that guarantee’s my top results.”

Shane O Highett 34

“At Core Foundations Regan honed in quickly on the weak areas in my mobility. The outcome: less pain when I run in the areas of my legs that were weak and spoiling my runs. And improved turning in my golf swing with little or no stiffness the day after. Having been active with exercise and sport all my life I am impressed with the many simple modifications to well-known exercises that have a hugely positive effect on my body. The neurolymphatic activation of parts of the body is pretty special too. I recommend anybody that doesn’t move as well as they would like to, or should, to give Core Foundations a go. You won’t be sorry.”

Gary S Brighton 56

“I have jumped on board and done 3 Animal Flow sessions to date. Really enjoying the different style of training and loving how much better my body is feeling and moving because of it. Definitely seeing a kick up in my other training as a result.”

Bree Z Brunswick West 44

“On meeting both Deanna and Regan, my health, mobility and pain levels have improved out of sight. I cannot recommend CORE FOUNDATIONS and Deanna and Regan highly enough.”

Chris Y Beaumaris 72

“Training the “CORE FOUNDATIONS” way is brilliant.”

Rebecca B Beaumaris 45

“Animal Flow is addictive! You will be hooked after just one session. Regan’s enthusiasm is infectious. Your strength will improve no end. Give it a go.”

Sally G Beaumaris 50
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